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-LF news past....2013.

  • October

    • 2/10. Sweden gets 472kHz. From October 1st all Swedish full-licence holders have access to the band with 1W EIRP. (Thanks to OH1LSQ for the info)

  • September

    • 23/9. Georgia gets 472kHz. Thanks to Roman RW3ADB we hear that Georgia now has the 472kHz band.

    • 22/9. Greek grabber on-line. Spiros SV8CS has put a 137kHz grabber on-line from his QTH on Zakynthos Island. See it here. List of grabbers.

  • August

    • 3/8 73kHz in the USA! A group of American hams have applied for and received permission to operate in the 68 to 76kHz band with 10W ERP. Experiments are already taking place.

  • June

    • 23/6. SAQ on-air on June 30th on its usual frequency of 17.2kHz at 0900 and again at 1200utc. Tuning will start about 30m before the Alexanderson Day message. Details at http://www.alexander.n.se/

    • 19/6. G100RSGB on 472.5kHz. From the Whitton club station this Friday 21st June in CW from 1400utc and 1900utc. They will listen on 80 and 40 for cross-band contacts.

  • May

    • 12/5. Spain have 472kHz as of today. No activity known yet.

  • April

    • 19/4. International Marconi Day is Saturday 20th of April and GB4FPR will be on 472.5kHz from 1200z. They will also be listening for CW calls on 3566kHz +/- QRM.

  • March

    • 26/3. Finland gets 472-479kHz starting today, with 1w EIRP and a bandwidth of not more than 1kHz. No special permit is needed.

  • February

    • 17/2. Australia to France on 630m WSPR. F6CNI got one good decode of VK1DSH on WSPR on the evening of 16th. Andy (F6CNI) was out portable with a beverage aerial.

    • 8/2. Italy on 472. At last there is official confirmation that Italian stations can use the new band. Just waiting for France now!

  • January

    • 23/1. 472 Grabber running. Thanks to a crystal from Ebay the 500k grabber is now running on 472kHz showing the whole band. Grabber.

    • 19/1. Iceland on 472kHz. As of January 6th Icelandic "G" class licencees (and above) are permitted to use the 472kHz band with a 1kHz max bandwidth and 5W EIRP.

    • 13/1. All together on 472kHz. The new band has been very busy over the first couple of weeks of 2013. I have been heard CW signals at the bottom of the band from G, GW, EI, DL, PA, SM, HB9, OK, and others plus lots of QRSS and WSPR/ROS/Opera activity further up.


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