The World of LF G3YXM

.1. News
.2. News Archive
.3. LF Links
.4. Getting On
.6. Build a TX
.7. Circuits
.8. Features
.9. The Matrix
.10. The Gallery
.11. /P Diary
.12. LF/M!
.13. Logbook
.14. Topband.
.15. Noticeboard

Page .1. News The latest LF news. What's happened and what's coming up on 136 and 73kHz.

Page .2. News Archive All the past news items dating back to November 1998!

Page .3. LF Links Links to other sites of interest to LFers. Most well known LF stations' web-sites are listed.

Page .4. Getting on Some advice to those interested in getting on the LF bands.

Page .5. Downloads A collection of FREE software which is useful to the LF enthusiast (and many others).

Page .6. Build a TX A couple of designs for class-D LF transmitters. One 12V, 300W portable and one 1kW mains TX.

Page .7. Circuits The circuits page. Not all LF stuff but there's a preamp or two and a class D PA keyer.

Page .8. Features Interesting articles on LF by a number of contributors. Includes Dick Rollema's (PA0SE) design for an LF field-strength measuring set and many many more.

Page .9. The Matrix The Matrix. A clever gadget to see who worked what, first! 136kHz band only.

Page .10. The Gallery Picture Gallery. Find out where those signals are coming from, see the aerials, the transmitters and some of the faces! Over 60 pictures.

Page .11. /P Diary It may seem easy to us now but in those early days it was no mean feat to get on LF /P. Diaries of my GM portable trips.

Page .12. LF /M Go mobile on LF?? It can be done... it HAS been done! See how.

Page .13. Logbook The G3YXM LF logbook. All stations worked on LF.

Page .14. Topband The rest of the shack. Articles on 160/80 fet linear, loop aerials, HF mobile operation etc.

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