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-LF news past....2014.

  • November

    • 5/11. Hungary on 472kHz. I have been informed by Gyuri HA6PC that he and HA6PX will be able to use 472 to 479 kHz with 100W transmitter power from December 1st until February 28th. They hope that the permits it will be extended after that.

  • May

    • 1/5. Canada on 472kHz. All Canadian amateurs can now use the 472-479kHz band with 5W EIRP if they wish. Info from VO1NA who has been a pioneer of Canadian LF/MF activity for years.

  • April

    • 26/4 Telford & DARS on 472. They make their annual International Marconi Day visit to Tywyn in Gwynedd, west Wales, site of the Marconi receive station "MUV" 1913-23. They would welcome any skeds leading to QSOs. Callsign GB8MD CW around 474 KHz with a kite antenna (weather permitting - otherwise long, low wire...) from about 10:00z until about 17:00z.

  • March

    • 12/3. All French amateurs can now use 472. An amendment to the French licence has been published in the journal officiel this morning. I Watt ERP is specified. Thanks to Andy F6CNI for the information.

  • February

    • 5/2. Poland gets full 472 access. 472 to 479kHz with 1W EIRP.

  • January

    • 27/1. Three more French stations on 472. Nicolas F4DTL, Michel F5WK and Andy F6CNI have all been given permission to operate on 472-479kHz for 6 months with 1W ERP.


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