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-Software for download.

Here is a small collection of useful free * software for those of you interested in LF working or remote operation.

I keep a copy of some of the software on this site, if there's a "Download from here" button clicking it will get you the file directly. The "Download from Author" button usually takes you to their home page.

Op32Rx - OPERA receiving program. by Alex RN3AUS. Receives the popular OPERA mode developed by EA5HVK. Use the "Download from author" link for the latest version or from here if you have trouble with the Russian link.
ERP Calculator. by G3NYK. Very useful Excel spreadsheet for calculating the efficiency of loop and inverted L antennas on the LF/MF bands.
IP Sound. by SM5VXC is a simple to use program for setting up a two-way audio circuit over an IP network. Ideal for remote stations. Various codecs are selectable.
Mobile whip calculator by Bob GW3LTX. Allows you to calculate the number of turns on the loading coil for a given top-section and coil-former diameter. There is also a matching C calculator program.
 ARGO . Alberto, I2PHD has put this Spectran-based program together specially for QRSS reception. Nice and simple to use! Build 134 now released with new features (May 11th 2003).
 MT Hell A version of this interesting idea by DF6NM. Its written in Q Basic. Extract the archive to a directory C:\Hell (so you won't need to edit it) and view the readme file.
 Jason V0.94 by Alberto Di-Bene is a keyboard mode with performance similar to 3sec dot QRSS. Click here for more information.
 QRS 4.02 The slow CW and DFCW TX program for Windows, works well with Argo. By Rik Strobbe ON7YD. New features added November 2003.
 QRS 3.17 Previous version with LPT port mode, test idents, DFCW etc. and bugs removed.
 Argo-Upload Rik's progam to automatically upload screen grabs to the net.
 GLFER. QRSS for Linux. If you are a Linux user Claudio, IN3OTD has written this for you! It sends QRS and has a Spectrum display for RX.
 SPECTRUM LAB DL4YHF's spectrum analyser program has lots of useful features: PSK terminal, VLF receiver, RDF mode. New version 2.2 out 15 Sep 03. Download, unzip and run the exe file.
 TANT 136 is a program by Reg G4FGQ for calculating the performance of a T antenna. Gives loading coil info and matching plus ERP. All Reg's programs are available here.
 Try PSK31, narrow-band keyboard to keyboard mode suitable for LF. There are a number of Windows, DOS and Linux programs on the site.