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-WWW LF Links..

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Links checked 13/04/2015


American Longwave Club homepage, lots of good info, constructional projects etc..

Stars of LF/MF

GW3UEP's QTX transmitters for 500kHz.

DF3LP's site has several projects including Peter's 50W tx and rx loop for 136.

DL4YHF. Wolf is usually heard from DF0WD. Author of Spectrum Lab.

F5MAF. Marc is getting going on 137kHz.

G0MRF's site. Several projects including the 300W LF tx. A kit is available.

G3NYK. Alan is the LF propagation expert. Interesting info here.

G3XDV, Mike has news and useful info, also gen on his new LF book.

G3YMC. Dave has a 500kHz page.

G4FTC. Dave built some big stuff for the winter 2001/2 t/A tests.

GW4ALG's LF page. Steve is not on LF now but holds some136khz records.

SWL Hartmut Wolff has the "biggest ears" on 136kHz... he hears EVERYTHING!

I5TGC. Cesare knows how to get a signal out with limited space!

IK2PII. Claudio has lots of interesting designs for transmitters and receivers.

NL9222. Ko Versteeg's site. Ko is a very keen LF listener.

OH1TNs homepage. It's mostly in Finnish but just look at Reino's aerial farm!

OM2TW. Rich is the first OM station on the band; news, pictures and the LF callbook..

ON7YD. Rik wrote the "QRS" software and has a lot of antenna info.

RU6LA. Ed has LF news, history and articles in Russian and English.

SM6LKM. Johan has a PIC based VFO design suitable for LF.

VE7SL. Steve has 136 news / info from a Canadian perspective.

W1TAG. John runs regular LF screen captures on his site.

W3EEE. Steve has set up a real-time display of DCF39 sig/noise.

W4DEX. Dex is a keen "lowfer" and has many trans-Atlantic firsts.

ZL1BPU. Murray has lots of info on digital modes and a complete LF exciter.

Interesting Info:

DX spots for 136kHz, have you been heard?

International Radio (INRAD) offer a range of excellent filters for your receiver.

More about the dreaded Loran-C system from Megapulse.

Subscribe to the LF e-mail reflector and get all the gossip. Send the message subscribe rsgb_lf_group to:- majordomo@blacksheep.org (no subject). Don't worry, you won't be snowed-under with thousands of e-mails, usually about 10 a day, useful reports and tips etc.

Messages for the reflector should be sent to LF reflector addressand kept short and polite!