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Trans Pacific Testing 21/22 Sept.

On Saturday 22 September ZL6QH, ZL3PN, ZL3JE, ZL4OL, ZL4MD and AX2TAR (VK7ZAL) transmitted test signals in the 165 - 190 kHz band, for so-called trans-Pacific tests.

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Once again the signal from ZL6QH was received by VE7SL over a distance of 11,709km. Quite amazing! Below is a screen grab taken by VE7SL at the time.


Near the bottom of the screen you can see the two lines of dots. It seems that Steve's receiver inverts the signal and the "dots" appear above the "dashes" but it's certainly the repeating "Q" pattern with the right frequency shift. I wonder what the other signal 0.7Hz LF is?

Below are some screen grabs taken by Rick Warnett P29KFS in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. The path is about 4,700km.

getting stronger

Here you can see the DFCW signal from ZL6QH coming out of the noise. It is repeatedly sending "Q" with the dashes above the dots.

at midnight

By midnight the signal seems to be suffering some kind of Doppler distortion, weird. Rick says he has seen this effect on the signals from ZL6QH before so it's not a one-off. It's not something we have seen very often on the trans-Atlantic screen grabs though.

signal starts to fade

A peak in strength can be seen just before the signal fades out.

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