Trans-Pacific tests at the end of March 2001

ZL and VK LF stations are transmitting on the last weekend of March. East of the international date line that happens on Friday night, 30/31 March. West of the international date it is Saturday night.


Freq Mode ID. Callsign Location
176.515 QRSS AX2TAR AX2TAR Hobart VK7
177.0148 QRSS ZL3FJ ZL3FJ Christchurch
181.37 CW ZL1WB ZL1WB Whangarei
182.70 CW ZL3PN ZL3PN Timaru
183.50 CW ZL3JE ZL3JE Pareora
184.00 CW ZL3VN ZL3VN Christchurch
184.4000 DFCW Q ZL6QH Wellington
184.4000 QRSS L ZL4OL Dunedin

Note: Signals from ZL6QH and ZL4OL are deliberately "co-channel" so they can fit on a single Argo screen with 120 second dot setting. ZL6QH will send QQQQQ... with dual frequency CW, -0.5 and +0.5 Hz offset. ZL4OL will send LLLLL... with single frequency CW (no offset). Frequencies of these emissions should be within 0.1 Hz.


Location Sunrise Sunset
Halifax 09.57 11.41
Los Angeles 13.41 02.13
Honolulu 16.25 04.46
Whanarei 18.34 06.19
Wellington 18.35 06.15
Christchurch 18.44 06.22
Dunedin 18.54 06.30
Hobart 20.26 08.26
Port Moresby 20.15 08.16

The SSB liaison frequency is 14.300 MHz plus or minus QRM.

Info from Bob ZL2CA

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