Bobek awards for first Trans-Atlantic QSOs to be presented.


The three sponsors of the Transatlantic Challenge have considered the two recent transatlantic contacts. We were impressed by the dedication, skill and perseverance that was shown in each case. The contacts were so incredible that we had not anticipated the ways in which they were achieved when we devised the rules!

In these unexpected circumstances, and taking into consideration the intent behind setting up the Challenge that was to commemorate Peter Bobek's practical and fun approach to amateur radio, we have unanimously decided to award both contacts with special plaques to commemorate their achievements, that is the contact between VA3LK, G3AQC, and the contact between VE1ZZ, VE1ZJ and G3LDO.

In these circumstances we will not make a further award for a Canadian and European QSO. Further, we have clarified the rules for the case of the outstanding USA to Europe QSO (once and if the FCC agree to licence the band for amateur usage in the USA).

I hope that all involved in this LF aspect of our hobby will accept this outcome and continue the excellent work that is being done to improve and innovate reception, transmission, and aerial technology.

On behalf of my colleagues and their committees our appreciation goes out to the work of those who we will be awarding plaques. But we would also like to extend our appreciation to the work carried out by many others who have made experimentation on this amateur allocation such an interesting and absorbing hobby.

Best 73

John Gould G3WKL RSGB HF Committee

On behalf of DARC, AMRAD and RSGB

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