Trans-Atlantic QSO? on the night of Feb 13 2001.

G3LDO worked VE1ZZ on 136kHz 2-way. As Jack has no computer, Peter's signals were received by John VE1ZJ who relayed them to Jack on 80mtrs.

Peter writes:-

I have just had an interesting QRSS QSO with Jack, VE1ZZ. My transmit frequency was 135.920 and Jack was on 136.501.

I used 10s dots, John 3s dots. My QRSS signal was received by John, VE1ZJ and relayed via 80m to VE1ZZ. VE1ZZ was first received at 2200 and although quite strong was only R 'M'. I sent this report to VE1ZZ and with no noticeable delay got an acknowledgement. By this time the signals had increased to R 'O' and this was sent with the final acknowledgement.

My special thanks go to John for making the QSO possible.

VE1ZJ's Pictures.

This picture was sent by John and shows the end of Peter's call and his "M" report to Jack.

In the next of John's shots you can see Jack's "K" (very strong of course) and, after a re-tune of the RX, Peters "R" coming back.

G3LDO'S pictures.

After a nail-biting wait here Peter sees the "G" of his call coming back from Jack.

Later we see the acknowledgement of his report and a report in return. "RRR OO"

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