Trans-Atlantic signals on the night of Feb 11 2001.

Here is a scan from W1JHJ early in the evening. Already a perfectly clear "T1DRP" on the screen.

An hour or so later and the signal is fading down a bit. Other signals are starting to come through.

Meanwhile VE1ZJ wasn't doing so well early on. Here's his scan from 20.25 where you can just detect Brian's signal. I've cropped it to save loading time!

By 12.57am Brian's signal had considerably improved!

It seemed like a late starting night but by 0407 there was a screen full of signals. I can see LDO at the bottom but who is it at 522 with an "L" in the call? Later note, it was G3AQC calling VA3LK.

Here is Dexter, W4DEX's scan showing Brian's signal at 12.20am in EM95tg . He works out the distance as 6137km.

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