Signals as received by VE1ZJ, W3EEE & W1JHJ evening of Feb 10 2001.

This is Steve W3EEE's scan taken whilst the gear warmed up! He identified "ld" around 921 Hz and the (after hasty recalibration!) the letter "o". So it looks like another success for Peter. Steve is in Mount Gretna, PA

This is Jon W1JHJ's scan from last night. G3LDO is easily seen near the bottom of the trace but who is the mystery signal at 702? Does that possible "X" belong to XTZ, YXM or XDV??

Here are four pictures from VE1ZJ with some good traces on them.

This is the first with any identifiable signals. Best is a nice "O" from someone just above the 520 mark. I thought it may be G3LDO but he is to be seen later just above the 521 mark... or did he QSY? Marcus DF6NM has identified his own signal as the one shown at 522.5 on the next three traces. That's the first DL received in VE.

Here is a clear ID of G3L(DO) and I spotted "M Y X" just above 523 (I was just sending YXM YXM). Who is that just LF?

Next you can see where I was tuning up, the M on the left is weak, then there's some fiddling and the Y on the right is pretty good. Interesting that Peter's signal has faded right down at this point. Still the other signal can be seen.

This one is in the the morning (european time) and the mystery signal is pretty strong, I think it must be G3XTZ with a "V" of G3XDV just above.

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