Signals as received by W1JHJ Feb 10 2001.

Jon is in Plymouth, MA. FN41qw. He writes:-

Copied what appears to be both G3LDO and M0BMU at 0424 today. BMU's signal was there for quite a while and is ID'ed by only partial character. LDO came out of no where and I have a lean screen shot of G 3 L then a partial D which actually looks like an N. It looked like LDO shut the transmitter off before the ID cycle finished. Also looks like another weaker signal about .2 hz lower than BMU but unidentifiable. BMU's 0 and B are clear and his signal is just below the LORAN line at 703hz. There's a mystery signal below him and LDO is near 699. The time displayed on ARGO is my local time. Receive set up is a Yaesu FT-100 and 1 meter active whip at 40 feet above ground. I also have shots of G3AQC from the 8th but because I had ARGO in 30s mode, it takes about 4 shots to complete the ID.

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