Signals as received by W3EEE, Feb 7th.

Steve is in Mount Gretna PA, appx. 100km west of Philadelphia

Here are the screen-shots of Graham last night (Feb 7th.). There are two due to the time-span; the first has "XT" and the first chara of the "Z", whilst the second has the "TZ". The receiver had drifted some cycle or so (the paraffin ran out on the shack heater!) so he's sitting round about 923 - I wasn't prepared to do a recal and miss a possible 'hit'.

There are other 'squigglies' that may correlate with other senders; again with something developing I wasn't going to mess with mother nature or Argo. Antenna: 1/4wave inv-L for 160, 80' up, 50' over, lots of radials. RX: IC-751a .

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