Z38 expedition. January 2005

the top loaded antenna

The team securing the pole to the top of the gantry. Note the bucket top-loading coil atop the mast and beneath the 8 x 20m top-loading wires. The bucket is about 20m high,

the bucket

Here is the top-loading coil being prepared for use by Vojislav YU7AV with Teo YU7AR.

the shack

Here are Zoki Z33F, Dime Z35Z and Teo in the shack.

The Z38 shack

Laci YU7CM does some repairs with Teo in background.

the aerial

Another view of the antenna.

pass the salt!

The whole gang: Mome Z31MM, Dime Z35Z, Teo YU7AR, Vojislav YU7AV/Z38AV, Ljube YU7AU, Laci YU7CM, Venco Z36W, Zoki Z33F and Z37M Club president Ljuba celebrate at a local restaurant.

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