ZL to Europe dark path assessment

ZL6QH is intending to transmit for all hours of ZL darkness, using 137.7898 kHz with + and - 0.2 Hz frequency shift, on 1 December 2001.  ZL sunset is 0800 UTC and sunrise 1658 UTC.  A time sequence for European countries can be assessed from the list below, which shows nominal sunrise times in the first list, and nominal sunset times in the second list.  Obviously it is a simplification to give a single time for any country, and individuals can make specific assessments of dark time windows with ZL for their particular QTH.

 Sunrise time in European country


Greece             0539

Italy                  0635

Czech Rep.       0658

Finland             0721

Germany           0731

Sweden             0740

Netherlands       0748

Portugal            0752

Spain (west)      0753    

ZL sunset at 0800 (no DX before this?)

England            0807

Ireland              0837

Scotland           0844

(then all of Europe is in daylight, so no LF DX until sunset?)


Sunset time in European country


Finland             1318

Sweden             1354

Czech Rep.       1505

Greece             1511

Germany           1532

Netherlands       1532

Italy                  1544

Scotland           1549

England            1600

Ireland              1612

Spain (west)      1653    

 ZL sunrise at 1658 (no DX after this?)

Portugal            1720




The the direction of a "grayline" across Europe for sunrise is quite different than for sunset.  The antipode region for ZL is Portugal.

There appear to be two dark path opportunities for the British Isles, before local sunrise and after sunset on Saturday 1 December.  Northern Scotland may be the "best" place. 

Most of mainland Europe appears to have only one opportunity, at and after sunset on 1 December.

In any case, and whatever path is taken, it is a rather long shot.

73, Bob ZL2CA